What is VoIP Phone Service

What is VoIP service?
Voice over Internet Protocol service, also termed as VoIP service, is a method that offers internet-based communication rather than using a traditional telephone network i.e., Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) like the AT&T. In other words, making and receiving calls using the internet. This sensational breakthrough combines data and voice under one roof.

Origins of VoIP
The origins of VoIP service rooted in February, 1995, when an Israel-based company VocalTech Inc introduced a new software named “InterPhone”. This new software enabled users to make and receive calls by using computers along with a microphone and speakers. Following this by 1998, some new technologies emerged that offered services like “computer to phone calling” and “phone to phone calling”, claimed as free long distance calling across the nation. In 1998, a new technology known as “VoIP switching software” was introduced by three internet protocol switch (IP switch) manufacturing firms by including it in their routers. From then, VoIP’s legacy continued. In 1998 itself, 1% of global calls were made using VoIP service. It had grown to 3% in 2000, followed by 11% in 2002, and goes on to over 36% in 2013.

Types of VoIP
Types of VoIP differs depending on the connection, communication, and service and when we look at the services of VoIP, there are most probably two types of services. One is residential VoIP and the other is business VoIP.
A residential VoIP service is a home phone service that works like a normal telephone service but uses a high-speed internet connection to allow users to receive and make phone calls from anywhere to anywhere across the globe. It is very cheap compared to a traditional telephone service. On the other hand, a business VoIP service is a commercialized version of a residential VoIP service designed for small as well as mid-sized organizations with advanced functionalities and features.

How to use VoIP service?
To start using a VoIP service, you must need some basic hardware such as a computer with a high-speed internet connection such as the digital subscriber line (DSL) modems, a special adapter probably provided by a VoIP service provider, and an ordinary corded or cordless telephone. The process is simple. Just connect one end of your VoIP adapter to your high speed internet modem and the other end to a phone which you want to use.

How does it work?
Technically, Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is a transport protocol that transports voice over a data network. In other words, a VoIP works by converting the voice signal of a standard telephone into a digital signal to transport it over the Internet and then by converting the digital signal into a voice signal at the other side, to where the call is made. In order to optimize the bandwidth, VoIP utilizes speech compression techniques.

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