What is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number allows businesses to make and receive calls using the internet. So instead of transmitting calls over physical phone lines, these numbers use digital pathways.

You can get local, international, toll-free, and vanity VoIP numbers. And they look just like regular telephone numbers.

However, they operate quite differently. For one, VoIP numbers are not tied to any specific device, location, or line – unlike traditional numbers. And, you can route VoIP calls anywhere in the world! Whereas traditional numbers can only be routed to destinations within or nearby your business’ location.

VoIP numbers also offer users access to advanced communication features such as:
– Caller ID Management
– Softphones
– Call Routing
– Call Recording

You can get a VoIP number in a few easy steps:
1. Choose a reliable VoIP provider
2. Browse & select your desired phone number
3. Sign up for their service & wait for the line to activate

You can sign up for a VoIP number within minutes with United World Telecom. Check out our online inventory to see what we have available.

Our telecom experts can help you find the right choice for your communication needs and budget.

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