What Is a VoIP CRM & How Does it Work?

Businesses looking to get the most out of their VoIP phone system will look at how they can integrate it with their CRM, or customer relationship management software.

Integrating VoIP with your CRM has a variety of benefits. For example, a VoIP CRM solution can log sales calls in real-time. This means no more manual call logging for your sales reps. They can simply talk with customers and have call data automatically logged in the CRM.

Another advantage of VoIP CRM integration is being able to use advanced features like Call Pop. When a customer calls your business, Call Pop will automatically pull their profile data from your CRM and display it to the rep. Your reps will be able to see all previous call interactions and customer sentiment before picking up the phone.

For businesses that keep track of call metrics like First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Average Handle Time (AHT), a VoIP CRM integration is key. You’ll be able to see each rep’s call performance in the backend of the phone system.

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0:09 What is a VoIP CRM?
0:16 VoIP Meaning
0:37 CRM Meaning
1:04 VoIP CRM Explained
1:37 Additional Benefits of VoIP CRM

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00:10 What is a VoIP CRM?
00:47 How CRM software works
01:05 Benefits of a VoIP CRM
01:38 Close-loop analytics with a VoIP CRM

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