We announced Resolution Hub at Web Summit!

We announced Resolution Hub at Web Summit!
We attended Web Summit in Lisbon earlier this month to announce our new tool, the Resolution Hub.

Managed Cloud Services:

Managed Cloud Services

Resolution Hub:

Resolution Hub

State of DevOps:

See why SRE is important:

About Firney:
We provide Managed Cloud Services and Application Modernisation with a focus on Site Reliability Engineering across Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. We aim to post 1-2 videos per month on how to build more reliable web services, applications and sites.

Subscribe – https://www.youtube.com/@Firney

We can help you with your Cloud Services, Site Reliability Engineering and help you raise the importance of having an SRE strategy through fully managed/hybrid support & training:
Managed Cloud Services from Firney – https://www.firney.com/product/managed-cloud-services
Read more on our Resolution Hub – https://www.firney.com/product/resolution-hub

Find us on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/firney

We announced Resolution Hub at Web Summit – Chapters
00:00 We went to Web Summit!
01:51 We got feedback on the Resolution Hub
02:15 How we got here
03:30 Our Resolution Hub
03:40 What happened at Web Summit
04:01 How did the announcement go?
04:35 How did it go?
05:42 Web Summit Video Snapshot

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