SEO Business Management. How to Stop Freelancing and Become Successful Business Owner – Mads Singers

No matter if you are still a freelancer in SEO or digital marketing only looking to become a real business owner, or have an established company already.
This video is for anyone interested in business management and growth.
Mads Singers Sorensen heavily focuses on effective people management and knows how to build team aimed at the utmost performance and results.

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Some takeaways from the video:

SEO is often difficult to sell because you are selling results down the road vs PPC – tomorrow.
The problem with most SEOs is that they usually are starting out as freelancers and quickly adopt individual contributor mindset. Which means they are stuck in doing everything themselves.
They need to learn how to become business owners and start to delegate!
And that doesn’t mean to develop SOPs for every micro-step they make.
Train your team so that they learn how to do things on their own and not make yourself the end for everything. Otherwise, you won’t become a business owner and won’t have time to actually run a business.

Another challenge many of SEOs face, is that they start to do everything at once. It may be a better decision to niche down when you are only beginning.

There’s no such thing as getting too many leads: be more picky or increase your prices.
The more you charge, the more you can deliver!

Most SEOs struggle at:
– client management
– expectation setting
– sales

Management is a skill just like an SEO. People are even less predictable than Google.
When you learn management, you can now build business that achieve amazing results without anything to do with yourself.

3 things Mads recommends to delegate:
1. What you hate doing
2. Easy things to do
3. Things that take you the most time

When you are hiring the first person may be building the processes out is OK:
1. Record videos how to do that.
2. Let the person do that for some time.
3. After some time, let them document it.

Article with the video:

0:00 About Mads Singers Sorensen
01:13 How Covid impacted businesses
03:37 How SEOs can get the best clients
05:19 Why SEOs struggle to become successful business owners (spoiler: delegation)
08:00 Problems when starting an SEO agency. Focusing on particular clients (example: dentist)
09:41 Niching down with SEO services: content agency example
12:13 You can scale upper way or outer way. Try to make more money on your existing clients.
13:00 There’s no such thing as getting too many leads.
16:17 The more you charge, the better clients you get. Niching out is also very important.
20:11 Upselling clients and charging them more.
23:50 You can hire an CEO or make partnerships and remain being the owner anyways.
25:43 If you just enjoy doing SEO there is no harm for you in working for someone else.
27:00 What if I don’t like managing people
28:11 Life changing Management Course by Mads
30:28 How to start managing people and grow your business when you are a freelancer, for example
31:57 Most people hire people like themselves.
34:35 3 things to delegate
35:31 How to build processes when you are hiring the first person
38:44 Why A-players are important
41:18 Your network is your net worth.
42:47 What to look for when choosing people to work with
45:05 Go to all the meetups and meet all the amazing people and connect with them
47:34 Is profit share a good motivation?
48:30 Bonus tied to performance
49:51 People are motivated by different things and they are often not motivated by money
50:16 4 types of people and how they are motivated
– Type most SEOs fall under
58:00 How do you hire people. For example, link builders
1:01:15 How to identify those 4 types in people
1:05:15 KPIs and increasing the goal: how to get exceptional performance from people
1:10:14 Why it’s so hard to find people to delegate to

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