Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric Time & Attendance Timeclock -Small Business management software

Come with me to meet my Small Business client to setup the Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Automated Biometric Time & Attendance System and timeclock software

Small Biz owners will greatly benefit from this biometric time and attendance system since it prevents buddy punching by requiring employees to clock in and out using their finger scans. My client requested to specifically install a biometric attendance machine and timeclock software for attendance management.

Bio metric Fingerprint HR systems have been around for a while, what differentiates this biometric time attendance machine from others is that it does not depend on your Small Business from being connected to the internet in order to record punches, the employees clock ins and outs nor to generate payroll reports at the end of each pay period. This finger time clock is a dependable attendance tracking machine and a reliable small biz biometric system that will benefit your company in order to attain better staff time and overtime hours accountability.

HR managers using this top of the line biometric time device are able to manage up to 50 employee fingerprints (license included, you can acquire more licenses) with the confidence that buddy punches will not be an issue while accounting for worked hours.

This was a installation for a client of mine and thought on sharing the experience should anyone needs to setup one of these time and attendance systems.

Biometric Timeclock Features:

Instantly records employee arrival times, breaks, lunches, overtime and departure times with biometric finger scan; eliminates costly “buddy punching”; keypad for optional supervisor approved card number entry

Payroll editing, reporting and exporting software included; no monthly subscription fees

Accommodates 50 employees with unlimited expansion; software upgrades, and time clock terminals (TTELITEET)

Simple setup (Ethernet wired connection)

Flexible payroll periods, holiday & bonus hours for global or select employees, & automatic overtime calculation; department code upgrade sold separately

Savings Per Employee of 19 minutes per day or 79 hours in payroll savings per year, per employee

Includes TTELITEET time clock terminal, TimeTrax software, cables & quick start guide; 90-day free tech and software support; 1 Yr. electronics warranty,

A biometric time and attendance solution eliminates the cost of employee badges and the ongoing management of damaged, misplaced, or stolen employee badges. Using biometric identification technology to track time and attendance also eliminates the extra labor costs associated with buddy punching.

The biometric clock allows employees to clock in and out quickly and easily, using just a fingerprint. The Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric Time & Attendance solution delivers secure, reliable employee time tracking – so you know when your employees arrive and leave

Frequently asked questions about the timetrax elite bio time clock

Q) how to change the time on timetrax pyramid biometric system ?

A) Watch the video, at 7:45 where I explain that the timetrax time clock system uses the computer as time source and how to change the time zone.

Q) How do I perform a timetrax file export of the employee punches ?
A) We will me making a video about this feature, the timetrax payroll system can export monthly reports in PDF,CVS, HTML formats among others.

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