Packet 8 Voip Service

Packet 8 voip service

With Packet 8 Voip Service you can save money. Packet 8 Voip service will help you cut the cost of your phone bill. What will you do with all the extra savings?

To start enjoying Packet 8 voip service, you will need:

A broadband Internet connection such as cable or DSL
A Packet 8 voip service plan and hardware (a Packet 8 voip service, all-in-one VoIP phone or VideoPhone)

Packet 8 voip service was introduced in 2002 by publicly traded 8×8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT), a 20 year old telecommunications company with more than 68 multimedia and VoIP technology patents. Since then, 8×8 has applied this expertise to the development and provision of reliable, high quality voice and video Internet phone services for both residential and business users. When you subscribe to Packet8, you can feel confident you have chosen one of the VoIP industry’s most respected and admired service providers.

Packet 8 Voip Service Offering

A broadband telephone and videophone service like no other, Packet 8 is an affordable and easy-to-use broadband telephone and videophone service. Designed with both residential and business customers in mind, Packet 8 voip service allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) Internet access to make UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for as little as $24.99 per month. All Packet 8 subscribers get worldwide UNLIMITED calling to other Packet 8 subscribers at no extra charge. Calls to non-Packet8 International numbers (outside the U.S. and Canada) are billed at very low per minute rates.

What Are The Options?
Packet 8 voip service offers numerous residential and business Internet phone service plans that utilize your existing high speed Internet connection (i.e. DSL, Cable, T1) to deliver low cost, feature rich phone service. When you subscribe to a Packet8 plan using our online store, you will be shipped a Broadband Phone Adapter , an all-in-one expandable VoIP phone system, a standalone VideoPhone or Video Terminal Adapter or a Virtual Office business-class speakerphone and Phone Adapter, depending on the plan you choose. These devices can be self-installed and activated in minutes. Packet 8 customer support is available at no charge to assist when needed.

How Does It Work?
Packet 8 sends all incoming and outgoing calls over a high speed Internet connection (instead of the traditional public telephone networks) through a Broadband Phone Adapter. There are no extra numbers to dial, no special instructions to follow and no talking through your computer. Just pick up your phone, listen for the dial tone and dial any regular phone number. Incoming calls ring your phone the same as any traditional phone.

To sum it up, with Packet 8 you make and receive calls as you always have, but we route them more efficiently to save you money. Your calling experience will be identical to what you have always had, but your phone bill for local and long distance calling will be a lot less. And there’s NO EXTRA CHARGE for popular features like voicemail, caller ID with name, call waiting, three-way calling, follow me/find me and more.


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