Overcoming IT Challenges with a Managed Services Provider like Capital Techies

Sometimes when you’re struggling with IT challenges, the most effective solution is to turn the whole problem over to another team. IT managed services from Capital Techies let you add a team of experts to your technology staff, bringing with them experience gained by supporting lots of businesses like yours. The managed services team from Capital Techies brings extensive knowledge and a sense of ownership to the IT problems we handle. Here are 7 challenges our managed services can help you resolve:

Cybersecurity by Capital Techies. The information security battle is ongoing. There is a constant need to evaluate your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and to assess your defenses for weaknesses. Managed services can make sure your firewalls are configured properly, administer identity and access management solutions, and verify the security of your data in the cloud.
Mobility. Your office extends far beyond the boundaries of your corporate headquarters and branch offices; your employees work at home, in airports, and in coffee shops. Whether working with employee-provided devices or their own favorite equipment, a mobile workforce brings new challenges in terms of provisioning, support, and security. Mobility services that define company “bring your own device policies” and manage company applications on mobile devices allow you to ensure the mobile workspace is secure and efficient.
Backups and disaster recovery with Capital Techies. These functions are necessary, but they’re the kinds of mundane operational tasks that no one in your organization enjoys. There also often isn’t the time to focus on backups and disaster recovery, meaning you don’t find out they aren’t working right until you really need them. Managed disaster recovery puts an effective process in place and gives you the support you need when a crisis occurs.
Cloud. Many businesses turn to the cloud to ease the burden of their IT, but the cloud doesn’t mean there isn’t any work for your IT team. The unfamiliar environments can be challenging for teams to support. Managed services provide you with cloud experts who make sure all your cloud infrastructure runs at peak efficiency.
Physical and virtual machine support. Whether your data center uses physical servers or you’ve virtualized everything, there’s work to be done every day to provision new servers, deploy patches, and monitor how well things are running. Desktop devices also need that kind of attention. Managed services can take over this routine support to enable your own IT team to focus on IT work that adds value to the business.
Help desk. Users have questions, and it’s hard for most businesses to retain a staff of experts to answer them. Managed services can provide on site help desks or virtual help desks to ensure no question is left unanswered.
Vendor management. It’s a little ironic, but using a managed services vendor is a great solution to your vendor management problems. Free your staff from the burden of interacting with numerous providers and give them a single number to call when you use your managed services provider to perform vendor management.
How can managed services help your business? Reach out to Capital Techies to learn more about the managed services available to Washington DC metro area businesses.


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