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Justin did a great job, right? Love that he could fill in at the last minute.

So we sign up a lot of businesses to use our communication software, but we were especially tickled to attract the attention of the Florida Panthers. We love you guys.

Notes on Calls — our customers love this. On the surface, it’s a simple feature — when you’re on a call, you can type call notes right into the customer’s profile screen. And the notes get saved for the next time you need them.

So the next time they call, you’ll sound like you know what you’re talking about (instead of frantically trying to make small talk while you remember which customer this is). It’s a simple tool but a must-have for building lasting customer relationships.

Another way Nextiva helps you maximize your relationships is with our referral program. Make money by introducing Nextiva’s communication system to business associates and friends. It won’t be a hard sell — U.S. News voted us the best business phone system three years in a row.

Check out Nextiva’s reseller / referral program here:

Here’s that Notes on Calls video Justin was talking about:

Want to see the big idea behind NextivaONE before you refer your peeps? Check this out:

0:00 Intro
0:18 Florida Panthers
0:57 Notes on Calls
1:47 Referral Program
2:26 Outro

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