Nextiva Customer Success Story: Canyon Coolers

Worried about a bear ravaging your camping food? You’re not alone.

Canyon Coolers, a Flagstaff, Arizona based cooler manufacturer has scaled from $45k a year to $6 million making ultra-sturdy, uber-useful bear-proof coolers for outdoor adventurers.

In business since 2010, Canyon Coolers has experienced wild growth and is now sold online and in 500 brick and mortar stores.

How did Canyon Coolers make a success out of a fiberglass box? They created a brand following by investing not only in product, but also in customer service.

They hired humans to answer the phones and make sure customers get the experience they deserve.

The underlying tech that powers their customer conversations is Nextiva.

On desktop or the mobile app, Nextiva’s VoIP phone system can be used to engage with customers over voice, text, and video. Canyon Coolers’ customer service team can take notes on calls while on the phone, right within the customer’s profile.

And all calls, texts, voicemails, and notes are viewable within a customer’s profile, in Nextiva’s central Conversation Thread. Armed with the full context of a customer, a support professional can more quickly and thoroughly meet the customers needs, foster positive relationships, and create not only a happy customer, but also a brand advocate.

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