Nathan Martin – Agribusiness Management

Our graduates have the technical knowledge of agricultural production practices, land and water resources, management, and agricultural markets necessary to enter nearly any facet of the agribusiness field.
Our students have hands-on experience with modern automated agricultural production systems, organic farming methods, and value added agriculture.
Our students have the opportunity to work on the college farm and learn first-hand how to manage multiple species in modern high-tech facilities.
Our students also learn the application of fundamental business management skills to agriculture.

Professional Outlook

Management or ownership of commercial farms
Agricultural credit officers for banks, government, loan agencies, and farm cooperative loan agencies
Feed, seed, and fertilizer sales technicians
Writers of technical publications, radio and TV scripts, news items for magazines and newspapers, education and public relations materials
Manager/assistant managers of farm supply stores
Warehouse managers for farm chemicals, feed, seed, and fertilizers
Chain store and retail food management
Agricultural consulting services
10 Upper College Dr, Alfred, NY 14802
1-800-4-ALFRED (425-3733)


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