JenesisNow – Built-in or integrated VOIP phone system – How to Set up

How to Set-up built-in or integrated VOIP phone system.

Jenesis insurance software for agents was thoughtfully designed to help insurance agents better serve clients while growing their agency. This video teaches you How to Set-up a built-in or integrated VOIP phone system. We’re so happy to announce that this affordable insurance agency management system from is constantly improving!

Get an overview of how VOIP phone systems work with JenesisNow here:

Jenesis Software, an affordable insurance CRM software, helps Insurance Agents efficiently manage personal and commercial clients by keeping relevant agency and coverage information organized, easy to edit, and use insurance agency management system.

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JenesisNow- Integrated VOIP phone system

In this video, you’ll learn how to configure your RingCentral desktop application with JenesisNow so that you can get screen-pop or caller information on every incoming call. If your client’s number is already in the system, this will streamline your workflow by automatically bringing up their client profile.

Under the tool menu on the left side, click on VOIP. In the next pop-up window, find where it states, “Copy the below command for RingCentral,” located just below the video. Copy this command.

Then, bring up the RingCentral application on your computer. Once you have the RingCentral app open, click on settings, then phone, and scroll down until you find the setting that states, “Launch an external app or website for incoming calls,” turn this ON, and click manage. In the next pop-up window, paste the command you previously copied, then push save.

Now you have the ability to use call-pop with RingCentral on JenesisNow with any incoming calls.

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About Jenesis Software
After struggling to find the solutions he craved in insurance agency CRM software, Eddie Price began taking programming classes to create his own. He spent the 90’s crafting and developing the robust JenesisNow system you know today.

His appreciation for technology and marketing, combined with the desire to serve customers efficiently while helping agencies grow, is reflected in the user-friendly insurance agency management software named proudly after his daughter, Jenna.

This agency management system (created by an agent for agents) was incorporated in 1999 and continues to provide the same personalized customer service and commitment Eddie has always shown for his customers.


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