How to deploy Microsoft Phone System with Teams Step By Step Tutorial – updated November 2020

Set up your phone system in cloud and integrate fully into your Microsoft Office 365 environment with Microsoft Teams and Business voice. We explain in detail the key features and reasons why we believe this is an excellent solution to migrate your company fully to a cloud system and forget about problems connecting remotely to your phones, working from home, and dealing with a disperse workforce.

You will be able to use any type of device like desktops, laptops, macs, mobile and cell phones, tablets, desk phones and even Linux!

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Overview of the video
01:42 What is Business Voice?
03:05 Features overview
03:23 Pricing
04:31 Purchasing licenses
05:03 Emergency locations set up
05:23 Create resource accounts
06:33 Assign Virtual user Licenses
06:55 Resource account location
07:09 Purchase phone numbers
08:24 Assign phone numbers to resource accounts
08:30 Assign end user licenses
08:43 Assign phone numbers to end users
09:05 holydays set up
09:28 Create groups for call queues and voicemail
10:09 Create call queues
11:56 Create auto attendants
15:31 Migrate numbers
16:01 Conclusion, pros and cons


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