Google Pixel December 2022 Update; What’s New in the BIGGEST Google Pixel Feature Drop ft Pixel 7

*Google Pixel December 2022 Update; What’s New in the BIGGEST Google Pixel Feature Drop ft Pixel 7*

Google just pushed out the last update for 2022 for Google Pixel devices, yes we are talking about the December 2022 update for Google Pixel devices. Google is calling it the biggest Google Pixel feature drop, and in this detailed video we will show you all the features we found in the Google Pixel December 2022 Update the biggest Google Pixel Feature drop. We will be using our Google Pixel 7 for the purpose of this video.

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0:00 Introduction
0:57 Build Number
1:02 New Curated Culture & Bloom Live Wallpapers
1:56 Home Screen Google Logo & System Wide Search
2:43 Cough & Snore Detection
3:06 New Languages for Live Translate Messages
3:47 Free VPN via Google One
4:31 Clear Calling
5:14 Show Media on Lockscreen Toggle
5:33 Labels in Recorder Application
5:57 Battery Usage Since Last Full Charge
6:45 New Toggle in Battery Share
7:07 App Battery Usage
7:43 Widgets Preview Fixed & Widget Target Toggle
8:23 Lock Screen
8:40 Security & Privacy
9:24 Quick Setting Tile Animations
10:14 Recents & Split Screen
11:16 Wifi Share Material You
11:42 Quick Settings Media Player
12:27 Display Settings
13:21 Gestures
13:36 Multiple Users
14:02 See You When I See You

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