Day One and Beyond – Season 3: Security Quick start

This session will focus on best practices and considerations for security in OCI, as well as provide an overview of several key services you can leverage to secure your Oracle Cloud Workloads. This session is not intended to be a technical deep dive of any one subject and instead will show how security is built into each component of your cloud environment and will focus on the different tools you have at your disposal to improve your security posture. Information on Oracle Cloud’s security architecture will also be provided.
This video is from our weekly series of live OCI Community Webinars, created for and focused on our OCI customers. We offer technical deep dives, live Q&A with engineering and product management, first looks at recently launched services, and a regular OCI Fundamentals series. For more event replays, calendars of upcoming webinars, and forums for discussion, join us: OCI Events Calendar:… User Forums:… infrastructure-general
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