Accountant Growth Story: – How Craig Williams built a successful accounting practice

Accountant Growth Story: – How Craig Williams built a successful accounting practice. How Craig Williams from Z-E-N Accountants built his successful accounting practice with a great accountancy niche.

Listen to this great recording of this Accountant’s Growth Story Conversation with Craig Williams from Z-E-N Accountants that was recorded during our Amplify Your Growth Week in September 2022. You’ll hear:

a) How Craig from Z-E-N Accountants has built a successful accounting practice which has released him to spend the majority of his time volunteering and enjoying the great outdoors
b) What steps Craig put in place to switch his team from all being in an office together to working remotely
c) How Craig monetised his accountancy niche – the music and media industry
d) What Craig learnt from acquiring a accountancy practice

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