10 Management Mistakes You’re Making With Your Virtual Assistant

What common management mistakes are you making with your virtual assistant?

In this video, I dive into the different management mistakes people usually make when they’re working with an employee. Most of them are unconscious or something we absorbed from previous managers, and can easily be improved on.

Whether you’re working with a Virtual Assistant or a team, I talk about these mistakes and how you can be better at them.

0:00 – Intro
1:20 – No clear role & responsibilities
2:38 – Not knowing management styles
4:40 – Lack of delegation system
6:00 – Lack of context
7:17 – Lack of communication cycles
9:13 – Lack of boundaries
10:22 – Ignoring worries and concerns
11:07 – Not giving feedback often
11:43 – Not providing training
12:27 – Value misalignment

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Le-an Lai Lacaba is the CEO and Co-Founder of 2xYou, a Remote Executive Assistant Service company that specializes in working with creative entrepreneurs in packaging that chaotic entrepreneurial genius with a highly trained executive assistant.

She has been working from home since she was 15, published her own book at 18, became CEO at 20, and partnered up with her boss to start-up 2xYou Executive Services at 23.

She also has a coaching brand, the Virtual Ate (big sister in Tagalog), where she trains people on how to work from home. She is also an international speaker, and a content creation monster who has a blog, a Youtube channel, and an upcoming podcast.

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